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The Chicago Tribune became the latest media outlet to open a site on the Internet's World Wide Web and its parent company is close behind.

The Tribune site for now is limited, offering only an online version of the daily's classified recruitment listings.

"It's a starting off point," said a spokesman for the paper.

Hints of what may be coming down the road can be found on a test area from the Tribune Co., which plans to open its Web page this summer. That site ( features elements from various Tribune Co. units along with a "Sweet Home Chicago" page that appears destined for the Chicago Tribune area. The page features hypertext links to the city's Field Museum, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and other Chicago institutions.

Tribune Co. said its Web page will eventually offer information for employees, shareholders and the financial community and provide links to other company sites for units like Compton's New Media and the Chicago Tribune.

"We have a different mission [than the Tribune]," said Bob Carr, news and information manager for Tribune Co. He said the media giant views its site as a way to make press releases and other company information easily available to interested parties.

The Chicago Tribune calls its page at "Career Finder" and views it as a limited tool, at least for now.

"It is a niche product that focuses on the recruitment category," said Carolyn Crafts, manager of advertising development.

The site features icons based on the paper's Shoe comic strip. Users can search through text listings in various job categories. Newspaper classified advertisers pay an additional $1 per line to put their ads online for three weeks.

The only editorial content consists of the paper's job and computer columns, a feedback mechanism and information on Chicago's top 100 companies (The paper maintains a more extensive forum on Chicago Online, accessible through America Online).

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