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GOOD NEWS: As multimedia marketers have discovered, TV success doesn't always translate to print popularity. But four TV news journalists who are either peddling or about to publish books are betting they can beat the odds. Peter Jennings' "The Century" is already the nation's No. 2 non-fiction tome, outpaced only by Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation," which tops The New York Times' best-seller list.

But Messrs. Jennings and Brokaw can probably thank different consumer groups for their success, according to data from People Pop Profiles, which measures celebrities' star power according to various attributes.

Asked if they would buy a product associated with the TV journalists, avid book fans were much more likely than news junkies to say yes in Mr. Jennings' case. Mr. Brokaw, however, is much more popular with bigtime newshounds.

Jim Lehrer, author of the new novel "Purple Dots," scores about equally well with both groups. Lesley Stahl may have a tough time finding a mass audience, however, for her upcoming autobiography, "Reporting Live." People's data peg

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