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Condom Awareness Campaign: "Dad"

Dieste & Partners, Dallas

Creative directors: Aldo Quevedo and Javier Guemes

Art directors: Chris Sendra and Patty Martinez

Copywriters: Inaki Escudero and Javier Guemes

Producer: De Anne Bostic

Techno music blares over a b&w shot of teen-agers getting busy on a living room couch as dad barges in. Backed against the wall by the hulking parental unit, the young man frantically searches his pockets until he produces a condom. Dad retreats. "A condom can save your life. Use it," says the tagline. It is a slightly implausible plot, but it does get a deadly serious point across with humor and good production values.


Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies: "Restaurant"

Casanova Pendrill, Irvine, Calif.

Creative director: Roberto Alcazar

Production company: FilmCore/Mexico

This and the bronze winners are both part of a get-out-the-vote campaign which uses humor and exaggeration to encourage Hispanics to register for the upcoming election. In this spot a couple at a ritzy restaurant is faced with a pushy waiter who lords it over them. "You'll drink water and you'll drink lemonade. For the tax, we'll charge you . . . uhm . . . 15%," says the waiter. After watching the patrons being subjected to such treatment, the viewer hears this voice-over: "Voting is your right. If you don't vote, someone will choose for you."

The acting and direction take the edge off the exaggerated situation to get the point across with humor. The tagline "Tu Eliges," adds a strong call to action by playing on the two meanings of the word elegir -- which means both "to choose" or "to elect."


AHAA: "Civil Wedding"

Creative director: Roberto Alcazar

Producer: Pilar Matallana

Production company: Moving Image

This execution shares the same idea and tagline as "Restaurant," although this scene takes place during a wedding in a judge's chambers. "We're gathered here today to join these two youngsters who will form a lovely family with two children," says the judge. As the couple stares dumbfounded, the judge goes on to rule on their future careers, home and lifestyle. Finally, when the groom goes to sign the papers, he waves him off. "No, not you, she's marrying him," he says, pointing to another bystander.

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