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As we rate the worst, we're actually looking to do less business with those advertisers. The ones that are the best advertisers we'll sit down with and say, we want to be reasonable. And CPM increases for them may be pretty modest.

AA: Over the years CNN has tried various schemes to charge more for inventory around hot breaking stories. One of the deals you had with certain advertisers is you'll go to them first.

Mr. Goodman: We've done some of that. Very often the advertisers most eager to do that are the package goods companies, and they're also most eager to pay lower costs per thousand. So we don't do it, frankly, as much as we used to.

We're sold out and we're in a position, fortunately, where it's not a question of going out and developing new business, it's a question of how to get the most money from our existing base of advertisers and maximize our revenue to inventory ratios.

AA: Where are you with promotions and value-added deals with advertisers? You do a lot of that in your "Show Biz" report.

Mr. Goodman: Yes, "Show Biz" is the cornerstone for our promotional efforts. A lot of them are with movie companies. We looked at the movie industry and noticed that these guys are huge spenders and pay great CPMs. We at CNN, because of our age skew, had to think about what we could do to be a little different and really put some added value on. So "Show Biz" is where we chose to put our emphasis, and we've been very effective. We've got most of the studios in that.

But outside of "Show Biz," and some sports, we don't do as much of it as I think our advertisers would like to see us do.

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