TV: What were they thinking?

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1 Starved


A half-hour comedic sitcom about an eating-disorder therapy group? Even FX couldn't pull this off. The show drew more protests from eating-disorder groups than ratings, leading to its cancellation after seven episodes.

2 Head Cases


The first of the '05-'06 season's shows to go, this comedy about a pair of mentally ill lawyers only aired one episode before Fox gave it the ax. Ouch. Critics panned the show, starring Adam Goldberg and Chris O'Donnell, calling it "contrived," "embarrassing" and "predictable."

3 War at Home


Siding with the Parents Television Council on this one. "Like 'Married ... with Children' for morons" is how one staffer described this over-narrated show about a suburban family's child-rearing struggles. Thank its spot between "Simpsons" and "Family Guy" for the ratings.

4 Inconceivable


The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Melanie McFarland predicted this baby wouldn't make it to full term. She was right. The freshman drama about mishaps at a fertility clinic fell a few notches short of "Nip/Tuck" sophistication and was gone a month into the season.

5 Just Legal


Jerry Bruckheimer may have struck gold with his CBS procedurals "CSI," "Cold Case" and "Without a Trace," but this drama, starring Don Johnson as a washed-up attorney in Venice, Calif., hit the skids out of the gate, premiering to 1.5 in 18-to-49.

6 Who's your Daddy?


A grown adopted woman trying to pick her biological father out of a group of contestants smelled a bit too much like "The Bachelor." Maybe it had to do with the buxom blonde's soft-core porn credentials. Regardless, the incredibly tacky concept kept away both advertisers and viewers.

7 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart


Perhaps The Donald said it best when he recently noted the concept didn't work with Mark Cuban and it didn't work with Richard Branson, so why would it work with Martha? Had she been a raging witch rather than a bland suit the show might've managed better ratings.

8 Britney & Kevin: Chaotic


The "Toxic" video was hot. What's not hot are close-ups of Brit and K-Fed making out and dialogue like this, courtesy of Mr. Federline: "You're scared to love me and that makes me scared to love you." These homemade videos should have been kept private.

9 Arrested Development


Had this critic's darling never aired it would have probably been better for the health of those who were semi-obsessed with bringing the show to the public's attention. First Fox threatened cancellation, then renewed for a second season but most recently chucked it off to the graveyard for good.

10 Category 7: The End of the World


Critics panned this sweeps stunt that somehow managed 15 million viewers. USA Today's Robert Bianco weighed in: "Even with network movie expectations at an all-time low, you might expect more from November's only broadcast miniseries than an overblown repeat."

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