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Who: Jane Twyon, 54, president of Target Source, partnered with to launch ( this month a new online searchable database of advertising agencies specializing in multicultural marketing.

In her role as a general market media consultant, Ms. Twyon is president of consultancy Worldwide Media Directors. She created Target Source in 1994 in reaction to a dearth of information on multicultural marketing services.

Mission: To create an opportunity for multicultural advertising agencies to appear before the eyes of advertisers and consultants in the same context as general market agencies.

"If an advertiser searches by client or type of business, not only will general agencies come up, but multicultural agencies will come up. That is equal footing [for the agency]. The same is true of a creative [search]. If an advertiser wants to see print liquor ads in the U.S., guess what, the multicultural liquor ads will show up."

Perspective: "I truly believe marketers fall into two categories. Those who are aware of the potential of multicultural marketing, but aren't spending enough money. The second group hasn't even stepped up to the plate," Ms. Twyon said. "Even the most committed marketer is probably under spending."

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