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Killing Smurfs
Marketer: UNICEF
Title: "Smurfs"
Agency: Publicis Belgium

Don't expect to see this one air on U.S. networks anytime soon. Funded by UNICEF, the United Nations Childrens Fund, the spot is thus far running only in Belgium.

Beer-Based Devolution
Marketer: Diageo
Brand: Guinness
Title: "Noitulove"
Agency: BBDO Europe, London

A better title for this one would have been 'Devolution.' The mesmerizing visuals morph three beer drinkers back through all of evolution from contemporary humanity to land-crawling fish with appearances along the way by some other very interesting creatures.

Jet Cars
Marketer: Saab
Brand: Saab
Title: "Born From Jets"
Agency: Lowe

Talk about an advertising slogan resonant with engineering prowess. 'Born from Jets' has to be one of automotive history's greatest marketing taglines. And, in this case, it's actually true. The brand name Saab is an acronym for 'Swedish Aircraft Company,' which is how the company started. It still maintains an aviation unit that designs and builds jets.

Shadow Lovers
Marketer: Royal Friesland Foods Western Europe
Brand: Appelsientje
Title: "Shadows"
Agency: DDB Amsterdam

Playing on this apple juice product's tagline, 'Make the Most of the Sun,' this spot from Amsterdam does that. Camera work directed by Werner Damen of Bonkers Production focuses on the shadows of a young couple as they meet, connect and frolic through sun-splashed urban landscapes.

Music Cult
Marketer: Napster
Brand: Napster
Title: "Free MP3"
Agency: Modernista, Boston

This one reminds me of nothing so much as an advertisement for a cult, which, of course, is what Napster is -- a cult of digital downloaders always trying to find ways to avoid buying the online music they listen to. Napster's pitch is that they can rent for way cheaper than an iTunes purchase.

American Cranberry
Marketer: Ocean Spray
Brand: Cranberry Juice
Title: "Ninja"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

With the artistic essence of 'American Gothic' but the intellectual depth of Gomer Pyle, Ocean Spray brings us the cranberry ninja who briefs viewers about the health benefits of drinking cranberry juice.

Fire Tunnel
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: Pontiac
Title: "Tunnel"
Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto/font>
Using the special effect of a fireball exploding down a length of tunnel (how many adventure movies have you seen this same thing in?), Pontiac tries to pump some fire into its G6 sedan and coup line. Produced by Sway Studio, the spot is a crisp, snappy work whose credits even include an 'inferno artist' -- Sean Devereaux.

Bedroom Heart
Marketer: Heart FM, London
Brand: Heart FM
Title: "Tea Bag"
Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge, London

Cute way to hype a radio show. This is one of a series of ads for Heart FM made for the U.K. market. Each depicts the DJ sitting in a listener venue but broadcasting his show as if nothing was amiss. In this one, he kicks off his early morning program from the bed of an unsuspecting couple.

P&G's Secret Soap Opera
Marketer: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Secret Body Spray
Title: "El Secreto de Jazmin"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Puerto Rico

References to Spanish-language soap operas have long been a staple of U.S. Hispanic advertising but now P&G is going one step further to actually produce a series of 30-second commercials disguised as episodes of its own TV soap opera. The plot line pivots around a young woman's use of Secret Body Spray and her quest to find her long lost father.

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