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The U.N. PSA No One Will Air
Marketer: United Nations
Brand: U.N. Mine Action Service
Title: "Kick Off"
Agency: Brooklyn Brothers, New York

Since December, Richard Kollodge of the United Nations Mine Action Service has been trying to get TV to run a PSA underscoring the dangers of land mines. CNN, Lifetime Television and ABC affiliates KGOT-TV and WJLA-TV have flatly refused, he said. Dozens of other broadcasters are ducking the issue. Each year nearly 20,000 people are killed or seriously injured by land mines in 80 countries. Mr. Kollodge's job is to do something about it.

Spartacus Drinks Pepsi
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi-Cola
Title: "Spartacus"
Agency: BBDO, New York

A new Pepsi commercial that launched during last night's Academy Awards using footage from the 1960 Kirk Douglas film 'Spartacus' augmented a famous scene from the classic movie with some new dialogue and a can of you know what.

Bridgestone Rap
Marketer: Bridgestone Firestone North America
Brand: Bridgestone Potenza
Title: "Potenza"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Yes, this is the second Bridgestone ad we've featured in two weeks but, after all, it is the company's first branding campaign in 20 years. And in terms of a project where the rubber meets the dance floor, it hardly gets better than this.

Gangster Burgers
Marketer: Burger King Corp.
Brand: Burger King
Title: "Tricked Out"
Agency: Uniworld Group, New York

Tony Sirico of 'The Sopranos' visits a neighborhood body shop to get his car tricked out. He has a brief encounter with a wrench jockey who ultimately loses his Burger King Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch burger to mafia muscle. It's all a lesson in having it your way.

Nike's Anti-Racism Spot
Marketer: Nike
Brand: Nike
Title: "Anti-Racism"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

Nike's effort to entwine its brand marketing with the issue of anti-racism has caused a controversy in Europe. Ads featuring top black European soccer stars have been attacked for cheapening the fight against racism by reducing it to a mere shoe-selling gimmick.

Visa's Hang-up
Marketer: Visa
Brand: Visa Corporate Card
Title: "Dry Cleaner"
Agency: BBDO West

Talk about hang-ups. This spot takes place in a dry cleaning plant, where one employee acts out a video-game flying fantasy by attaching himself to a moving conveyor belt of cleaned clothes.

Blockbuster Lawsuit
Marketer: Blockbuster
Brand: Blockbuster
Title: "No More Late Fees"
Agency: Doner, Southfield, Mich.

This is one of the spots of a campaign that is the subject of a lawsuit filed last week by New Jersey's attorney general against Blockbuster for allegedly fraudulent advertising. Did the video chain really eliminate late fees or just change the terminology to something else not mentioned in its ads? Watch the docket in Trenton for further details.

Marketer: Kellogg's
Brand: Special K
Title: "Ipanema"
Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

It is a demographic fact that the New Year's resolutions that drive millions of women to go on dieting binges every January begin to collapse by late February. Confident in that sly knowledge, Kellogg's offers images of the girl from Ipanema that chubby viewers wished they looked like. And, sure enough, it gets many of them gobbling down bowls of Special K -- right along with their Haagen Daz and Hershey's chocolate bars.

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