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Now that Snapple is quenching thirsts overseas, a "Land of Snapple" campaign from New York's Kirshenbaum & Bond further grooms the company's kitschy personality as befits a burgeoning liquid empire: with a series of tacky, dime store-Surrealist posters. For example, a boat-sized bottle of French Cherry Soda tows two waterskiers, and a giant bottle of Tru Root Beer juts from a mountain side. "We tried to stay away from anything that's slick because it doesn't jell with the Snapple image," explains writer Scott Lustbader, who teamed with art director Brian Hughes and typographer Anthony Sperduti. The silly scenes, which are b&w stock shots colored to look like retro postcards, grew out of an assignment for a painted mural in New York Harbor pronouncing it Snapple country, Lustbader adds.

Similarly, another round of Snapple TV spots, directed by Stephen Kessler of HSI, expand on last year's fan mail fest with a more geographically far-ranging study of the banality of people. After combing through close to 1,500 letters, copywriter Risa Mickenberg and art director Amy Nicholson visited a Las Vegas chef who whipped up his recipe for Cornish game hens a la Snapple with Mango Passion, and a boy who begged to be a mascot found himself in a clunky bottle cos- tume bouncing off a trampoline at an Arizona mascot school. This year "people had to prove themselves," Nicholson says, "so what's on film is what happened that day." Other credits to CDs Richard Kirshenbaum and Bill Oberlander; editing by Big Sky's Chris Franklin and music by the Sound Patrol's

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