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Out of freelancer Pete Kearney's loosely organized New York and Lake Tahoe-based creative group called The Family comes this campaign for the tiny Taco Station restaurant in Truckee, Calif. Each :30 features Joseph Griffo, an authentic midget stuntman, whom The Family discovered via The Little People's Association, an organization of the vertically challenged for hire. "He was the coolest guy in the world," says writer/art director Kearney, "and the most professional element of the shoot." Indeed, the campaign centers around four visual depictions of ultrahokey "little" jokes that revel in their un-PCism ("Yes, there are a few issues here," admits Kearney). Above, Big Joe is smooched until he blushes; the VO follows, "Everybody loves a little Mexican." Another spot shows him being pinched and rubbing his sorry little butt as encouragement to visit Taco Station and "grab a little Mexican." Additional credits to art
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