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Tastes great, more filling: Following a five-year advertising hiatus, Hostess is back, with cakes that are now 10 percent larger, and this event is fortuitously accompanied by a new slapstick campaign for the Twinkie king that, led by an inspired "Shark" attack, is at least 10 percent larger than the typical snack cake concept.

Two :30s from Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis, feature fearsome creatures whose insatiable cravings for Hostess lead to hallucinatory visions. A bear mistakes a yellow trailer for a Twinkie, ripping through the roof in a sugar frenzy, and a shark licks his chops over a float-lounging chubbette, who, from below the surface, resembles a classic Hostess cupcake. Frustrated when they come up snackless, they both cry, "Hey, where's the cream filling?" and a new tagline, perfect for a product with so many ingredients, follows: "Hostess. Now, that's the stuff."

The campaign appeals to pre- and postpubescent sweet tooths alike, according to writer Michael Atkinson, who notes that today's youth are apparently the only living generation to have suffered minimal exposure to America's finest baked goods. But, he says, even adults "really dig it."

Additional agency credits to executive creative director John Hurst, creative director Cathy Grisham, art director Clark Tate and executive producer Evan Petty.

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