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We thought painful bleeding eardrums were a plus. BBDO West's latest howl at the subwoofer crowd is a new Pioneer car stereo print campaign that features shots of Santa Barbara locals and handwritten lettering. This ad is for the DFS alarm system, which is built into the head unit and "sounds inside your car through the existing audio system," as the fine print tells us. Explains copywriter Dante Lombardi, the idea is to give the campaign "a personal touch. To these kids, their car is their life." Hence the "King with a bucket seat for a throne" conceit. "We thought it'd be just a cool sentiment someone would have for their car," adds Lombardi. Additional credits to chief creative officer David Lubars, art director Rohitash Rao and photographer Tom Nelson.

How come he didn't want to see Dr. Kildare? Fallon McElligott Berlin slaps Euro style over dumb American comedy and comes up with a very strange :30 for BMW motorcycles. Filmed in Prague by director Pierre Winther of Milk & Honey Productions, and cut by Paul Norling at FilmCore, the spot opens as a young doctor, apparently on a life-saving emergency call, rushes out of the operating room, blessed by the warm wishes of a lovely nurse, and hops on his bike to voyage in slo-mo and warp speed through the city streets. He arrives home in the nick of time, jumping over a prone blonde who is not dying, as it appears, but simply relaxing on the floor, to watch an episode of Get Smart. Copywriter Glen Porter describes the piece as "a little souffle-it's light and airy and fun and doesn't take itself too seriously." New BMW print, on the other hand, takes an impressionistic look at oppressive city life via the cut and paste photography of Jeremy Wolfe. Additional credits to CD Andy Berlin, art director Mark Klein, producer Will McDonald and photographer Mark Joseph.

The One Club will display the One Show exhibit throughout the summer. Call (212) 979-1900 for information.

The Art Directors Club, New York, presents designer Bridget de Socio. Wednesday, June 18th, 6 p.m. Call (212) 674-0500 for information.

The Art Directors Club 76th Annual Award Winners will be on exhibit through July 11th.

The Photo District News exhibit will be up at the Art Directors Club July 16th-18th.

The Art Directors/Copywriters Club of Minneapolis presents Larry Postaer of Rubin Postaer & Associates, on Thursday, June 19th, 6 p.m., and Jim Mountjoy, creative director at Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy, Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, July 24th, 6 p.m. Call (612) 220-4817 for information.

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So it tastes like adhesive remover? Two new spots from FCB/San Francisco for Zima, the clear malt liquor, propose it as the perfect solution for those extra-clammy days when rubber and vinyl are melting from the heat. In typical Wild Scientific fashion, from director David Wild, one spot depicts two guys hanging around their apartment on an inferno of a day. One gets up to get a drink, and finds that the air is so blistering, his sandals stick to the floor. But he can also walk up the door of the fridge (where he chooses his Zima over a tallboy) and glue himself to the ceiling. The other spot presents the trials of a guy whose bucket seat sticks to him so hard, he walks into a bar with it on his back. In both cases, Zima is the unsticking agent. But in the real world, does anyone actually choose Zima over beer? Says agency group CD/copywriter Brian Bacino, "We like to consider it a between-beer snack." Additional credits to exec CD Paul Wolfe, group CD/art director Steve Fong, writer Bob Dorfman and producer Jim Phox. Edited by Hank Polonsky at Hank's Editorial; digital effects by Brian Bogiorno at 525 Post; music by Steven Dewey at Machine Head.

That's 'cause you owned a Mexican hairless. Crispin Porter & Bogusky's taking a little trip down (sob!) memory lane with this single ad for Watch Station, a division of Sunglass Hut, just in time for Father's Day. It's "Dad as co-conspirator, your best friend growing up," explains writer Scott Linnen, who also admits to getting a little weepy when coming up with the copy. Additional

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