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A drill press through the palm, fingers lopped off by buzzsaws, knuckles vised to putty; besides being the best manikin hand-trauma film we've ever seen, it's 30 seconds and $39,000 of b&w literal art brute from Salt Lake City agency FJC&N for, of all things, the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah.

Set to a nervous, foreboding string quartet by local composer Kem Kraft, intercut with nasty closeups of machinery, it would seem ripe for real fists raised in rage, but CD Dave Newbold hasn't heard a peep of protest so far. "Maybe people are so amazed, they're dumbstruck," he muses. The VO-delivered theme: "Please, use your head before you use your hands."

Directed and edited by Dan Arsenault for local Rutherford Productions, credits include art director Randy Stroman and writer Sara White, with special mention to AE Mike Rodriguez, says Newbold, for selling the idea to a client who

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