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Why did the chicken cross the road? To get flattened by a sporty import. "With so many conventional, macho-flaunting car ads out there," notes writer Jon Pearce, "Honda wanted to come at things a bit more intelligently." And more mathematically, at least in a new Prelude print campaign created by Rubin Postaer & Associates that hearkens to algebra textbook problems.

In an effort to imbue Honda's redesigned sports car with "a bit of attitude," Pearce and art director Richard Bess created a colorful, surreal set of ads that feature up-close images, like, yes, a chicken crossing the road, with pithy equations: "If a chicken crosses the road at 3 feet per minute, and pauses to consume 2 kernels of corn placed 9 inches to the right of the road's center, and a Prelude VTEC 1,000 feet away accelerates from a stationary position towards the aforementioned chicken, do you serve it with potatoes or stuffing?"

Additional credits to creative director Larry Postaer and Santa Monica free lance photographer Brett Froomer.

To a blasting epic score, an angry mob storms a Russian palace, where the czar is calmly sipping a glass of premium Smirnoff Black. "We are the People's Army!" shouts a rebel, as the mob crashes in. "All members of the aristocracy are to be arrested."

No sooner has the new leader assumed his place and is sipping Smirnoff than another Army leader charges in and orders him arrested, to which he pleads that he's part of the same force. "You expect us to believe that!" the new guy spits at the restrained fellow, as he snatches the bottle of Smirnoff away from him. The tag: "Smirnoff Black, Imperial Russia's best-kept secret."

Directed by Barry Myers of Spots Films, London, the U.K.'s first spot for Smirnoff Black is a witty twist on the premier vodka's heritage, says writer Phil Dearman of London's Lowe Howard-Spink, who worked with AD Charles Inge and producer Claire Taylor. "By drinking the vodka they can't help but assume the

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