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"As different as a bank can be," is the tag for a new print/radio/TV campaign from Pagano Schenk & Kay, Boston, for Eastern Bank, and three artsy TV spots, directed by Anouk Besson of The End, are about as different as bank commercials can be, too. Based on fanciful notions like, what if a company were selling sunlight, or air, or love, the aim is to focus business owners' attentions on a small local bank that will take loan requests seriously and will not be bought by a bigger fish. According to CD/AD Woody Kay, the radio spots initiated the entire campaign, and although they have a lighter feel to them, they share a similar theme.

"Water," an ad in all three mediums, goes: "What if a company had once come up with a product called water and they needed a loan to get their business started? What if the bank said, 'No-water causes floods and that's too risky'? We take a close look at the potential of that company, and focus on the positives rather than the negatives." Dark and serious images of water, in abundance and drought, enrich the TV version. Additional credits to writer Kathy

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