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Where's the beefy Wendy? She's been dumped for sock puppets and an old kid by the name of Mikey. Snapple's new campaign, from Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, pegs them at a modest No. 3, but should they be trying harder?

Directing credits to Spike Lee, Spike Jonz, Phil Morrison, Jorgen Loof and Rick Schulze.

Alon Shoval, Senior-VP, ACD

Wells Rich Greene BDDP, New York

n Bring back Wendy! This stuff is unfortunately not made from the best advertising on earth. The "Ultimate Frontier" socks in space spot and the Mikey remake are undeniably cute, but it all seems to be trying too hard to be hip as the message tries too hard to be different.

In the parade to threedom with the jumping bottles and the artsy-fartsy party, the humor feels particularly tired and the irony just doesn't make it. It's sad to see all the great work for Snapple done by Kirshenbaum go this way. Was it really worth disturbing Mikey in his cryogenic capsule for this?

Joe Baratelli, ACD/Art Director

Rubin Postaer & Associates, L.A.

n About the new Snapple campaign, I'd have to say: cool. The best spot in the bunch is the sock puppets in space. Who wouldn't like that? The amazing thing is these socks act better than most actors in commercials. It's the funniest spot I've seen in a long time.

Tia Doar/Art Director

Borders Perrin & Norrander, Portland

n Overall, it's another smart campaign from Snapple. However, some of the spots are infinitely more refreshing than others. Marching bands and pom-pom-wielding mascots are cute, but they're not as interesting, original or funny as hosiery in space or Mikey not liking it.

These spots don't make me thirsty, but they make me laugh and help me remember that Snapple is a company I can't help but like.

Alex Mohler/Copywriter

Laughlin/Constable, Milwaukee

n Snapple has a dream. Not to be "the largest, most powerful drinkmaker in the world. Or even the second largest." But, apparently, the third.

This dream is a bad one, fueled, obviously, by some burned out brand manager's obsession with the cola wars. I don't know if "threedom equals freedom," but it

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