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Levi's unzips into the Age of Reason, via FCB/San Francisco. Credits to directors Spike Jonz, Peter Care and Gus Van Sant, all of Satellite Films; Elma Garcia of Morton Jankel Zander; and David Fincher of Propaganda Films.

David Morring/Senior WriterFJC&N, Salt Lake City Piercing your nose with "those fashionable copper rivets." Trading your jeans for a car in Prague. Driving around for two days with the young and aimless (without ever changing those jeans).

Finally we have a campaign for Levi's 501s that actually lives up to the expectations for such a great brand. It's quirky and unexpected, yet extremely human. The casting and directing are right on. The music sounds like something you'd actually want to buy at the store. And the VOs don't sound like voiceovers.

Mark Medelis/CopywriterWeiss, Whitten, Stagliano, N.Y.

What's great about this campaign is the overall idea: instead of showing lots of beautiful film that says absolutely nothing (like most fashion spots), here's a bunch of practical reasons to like Levi's.

Everybody knows Levi's has a cool image. But with "Reasons" they've attempted to dig into the heritage of the jeans and the product itself to add another layer of intrigue to the brand. The best spots ("Prague," "Second Day") are entertaining, real and do this well. Unfortunately, the rest seem forced and way too over the top to be convincing.

Brian M. Sack/CopywriterWarren Clark & Graham, Atlanta Like Coke, IBM and O.J., Levi's enjoys worldwide name recognition. A copywriter's dream, since all 501 advertising really requires is that they maintain their cool. These are, with the exception of "James Bond," great spots with funky attitude and super cinematography. They improved a tired idea (the ancient "Reason Number X" ad) without overdosing on pretense. One problem: some voiceovers are inaudible. And where's Reason No. 501?

Mark Ronquillo/CopywriterBBDO West/Los Angeles While most fashion advertising is all style and no substance, these spots do a decent job of covering both. The shots and editing are interesting, the music is excellent, and as a bonus Levi's even gives me some interesting reasons for wearing jeans.

However, some of the spots work better than others. "Prague," "Second Day," and "Soap Box" seem authentic and true to the "Reasons" idea, while "Chase" and

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