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There is one cool-looking green hunk of alien in the new Pioneer car stereo spot directed by A Band Apart's Charles Wittenmeier. He's got wider-set eyes than the late Jackie O, but his ears are too damn senstive.

While satellite surfing somewhere in space, he picks up an official Earthly message of peace and love that has him smiling beatifically, but a zonked surfer dude, played once again by former Chiat/Day writer Bob Rice, driving in a convertible cranks up some thrash trash as he's passing by a satellite uplink zone, and the nasty signal is wreaking planet-threatening havoc in the alien's head.

It's BBDO/West's sequel to the award-winning spot where the dude's car stereo destroyed a (stock footage) bridge. "It's a one-minute miniseries," says writer Dante Lombardi. "Hey, when you turn the stereo on, things happen." While "aliens are cool, pissing off the alien is appealing to the 18-24 group," so the spot manages to combine contradictory emotions, he adds.

Other agency credits to CD David Lubars, art director Chris Robb, writer Mark Ronquillo and producer Bob Belton. Alien design by Ed French; editing by Hal Honigsberg at Greying & Balding; and music by John Trivers and Liz Myers at

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