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Trade campaigns aren't known for their high yock quotients, but a new one for Energizer camcorder batteries, from Tausche Martin Lonsdorf, Atlanta, is twice as funny as the Energizer bunny. Besides this big-armed granny (detail only), there's a sunburned guy on a tropical vacation whose face is all scorched but for a pale patch around his viewfinder eye, and there's a baby in a crib, sitting under "Da-Da" and "Ma-Ma" thought balloons, dad pictured as a giant lens with a bit of face peeking around from behind.

Previous campaigns were "too bunny derivative," says art director Ralph Watson, but now the bunny has been back-hopped and they've gone for the style of "a consumer campaign with trade headlines."

Other credits to writer Sally Williams; creative director Kurt Tausche; and

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