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Available in B, C and D cartons. The Martin Agency is emphasizing the sexy comfort of silky fabrics and plush-backed underwire in a new print campaign for Vassarette lingerie. Milan-based photographer Toni Meneguzzo added some gritty personality to the all-day comfort concept by shooting the models on Polaroids and then photocopying and hand-painting the prints. Explains agency art director Mark Wenneker, "We didn't want to hit 'em over the head with the comfort idea." Hence the rough hand-lettering from San Francisco's Michael Maybry Design, which captures the stamped cardboard box look. Additional credits to creative director Mike Hughes and writer Jeff Ross.

Cut it out, in 2050 we'll all be wearing cloned sheep on our feet. Lambesis, in Del Mar, Calif., is taking us on a visionary tour of the future with its postindustrial, postverbal, global "2050 A.D." image campaign for Airwalk, shot by none other than Swingers director Doug Liman (it's his commercials debut), for Propaganda. In "Roach," Airwalk introduces us to what Lambesis CD Chad Farmer refers to as "a realistic look into the future." More specifically, it promises we'll never rid the planet of cockroaches. At least Airwalks will still be around, though, looking just like they do today. The agency has also produced a high-action back-to-school :30 wherein a truant kid is chased by the vice-principal as he breaks into the school. His Airwalks are what both save his ass and give it away. Additional credits to CD Richard Dirk, art director Michel Krohne and producer Susanne Preissler.

Bill on board. Bill Oberlander, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners executive creative director, has been elected president of the board of directors of the New York Art Directors Club. A moving force in the Club's most successful exhibits and functions- such as Young Guns NYC, a collection of the work of the city's young art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers and ad kids-Oberlander hopes to continue to encourage young people to participate in the Club's events and to embrace its larger purpose. Myrna Davis, the ADC's executive director, positions the Club as an "umbrella organization that represents all these intersecting interests," emphasizing the increasingly complex crossover of all means of visual communication. "Bill's philosophy," she adds, "his belief in the power of the image-that the world is small and the image multilingual-coincides with ours."

No problem, shoot up some Ex-Lax. Dissuading a generation of Marilyn Manson swooners and Trainspotting junkies from diving into the glam subculture of heroin use is no light matter, so Ogilvy & Mather/New York skips the preachy angle with this bowel-busting campaign for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The "Happy Heroin Hints" series, tagged, "Heroin, dying's the easy part," features a cheery daisy logo that contains some ironic heroin-use tips such as, "Violent fits of vomiting are commonplace. Keep a bucket handy," and "Share needles and risk HIV rather than miss a single opportunity to get high." Agency credits to art director Per Jacobson, writer Kate Silverberg and creative director Rick Boyko.

The Art Directors Club, New York

Exhibit: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners 10th anniversary

retrospective, "Can This Really Be Advertising?"

September 9th-30th

Guest speaker: J.J. Sedelmaier, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Tuesday September 30th

Exhibit: Levi Strauss & Co., October 6th-21st

Information: (212) 674-0500

Portland Creative Conference

Guest speakers include Lee Clow, Rob Siltanen,

Richard Donner, Bonnie Bruckheimer, Dennis Muren,

Lauren Shuler Donner, Denise Di Novi and James Sheldon

September 18-20th, Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Information: (800) 587-0099 or (503) 221-2025

The One Club

Portfolio Review: Wednesday, September 10th

Screening: "Going for the Gold: Creating Award-Winning Ads," at the Museum of Television and Radio, with guest

panelists Rob Dow and David Lubars, Thursday, September 25th

Exhibit: Leagas Delaney retrospective, Wednesday,

October 15th

Information: (212) 979-1900

The Lodge

Guest speaker: Gary Goldsmith, Wednesday,

September 17th

Workshop: Account Planning Night, Wednesday,

September 24th

Portfolio Review: Tuesday, October 7th

Information: (212) 288-7167 or write [email protected]

Minneapolis Creative Summit

Guest speakers: Mike Hughes and Jeff Goodby

Thursday, October 9th, Guthrie Theater

Information: (612) 347-1759

The Show, presented by the Art Directors/Copywriters Club of Minnesota and the Advertising Federation of Minnesota.

Thursday, October 9th, The Quest

Information: (612) 339-5470

New York Festivals call for entries deadline: Tuesday,

September 30th

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