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Accounts re-eatable. A guy picks up a laser gun in a toy store and clumsily discovers it's real as he accidentally destroys everything on the shelves, running up a hell of a you-break-it-you-buy-it bill. An unusual setup for a burger spot, but it works for Hardee's in a new two-burgers-for-two-bucks promotion, themed "Unexpected expenses," from agency of record The Pearlstein Group, L.A., and a couple of Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis, creatives. Another spot presents a kid knocking on a doors for a walkathon sponsorship and an unsuspecting neighbor promising $1 per mile. Cut to Mr. Generosity watching TV in a state of dumb paralysis as "little Steve Sage" is the star of the day's news, having pulled an amazing 4,000 mile walkabout. A third spot has a guy involved in a harmless fender-bender finding himself in court surrounded by judge, jury and accuser alike all in neck braces. Says the real Steve Sage, CCF art director, "We just figured we'd make 'em as weird as possible."

Gary Johns of Johns & Gorman Films directed; additional credits to copywriters Jerry Fury and Michael Atkinson, art director Jac Coverdale (all of CCF), creative director John Stein (of Band of Gypsies, Pacific Palisades, Calif.), and Pearlstein Group producer Randy Zook.

Their favorite group is Men Without Hats. Princess Foufou, mad hatter of celebs from Meg Ryan to Baby Lourdes, has made its debut ad campaign in New York with this poster, based upon the classical Greek sculpture the Three Graces. Credits to New York photographer Howard Berman and Ogilvy & Mather/New York group creative director Eric Anderson.

Amateur hour. In a spoof of the well-known Charles Barkley Nike spot, a college basketball mascot professes, "I am not a role model, I'm a duck. Just because I lead a cheer doesn't mean I should raise your kid." It's WongDoody, Seattle, for the Fox Sports Net and the purity of college basketball. The Stanford Tree confesses, "If I fail my team, I won't be cheering on the hardwood, I will be the hardwood." Creative director Tracy Wong says the object of this campaign, which is running nationwide throughout the basketball season, is to differentiate college basketball and team spirit from "the multimillion-dollar crybabies of the NBA. This is college, it's not pro. It's a game, not an endorsement." So how come they're all wearing Nikes?

Additional agency credits to writer Craig Hoit, art director Michael Ivan Boychuk and producer Joyce Schmidtbauer. Directed by Tony Ober, Ober Lenz Films, Seattle.

Tangled up in brew. Paul Keye & Partners, Los Angeles, and director Preuit Holland of General Idea, Culver City, Calif., have teamed together to produce a low-key but oddly harrowing spot for The Century Council, a group of liquor, beer and wine manufacturers targeting irresponsible alcohol consumption via community task forces. "Bus Stop" presents a Gen-Xer lamenting the ramifications of a DUI conviction, from minor penalties to losing his job. Says Holland, "That age group doesn't really pay attention to drunk driving cautionary messages. The thought is, I'm not going to die. The legal nightmare goes on for years, though." Overlapping, convoluted voiceovers illustrate that well-the subject sits at the bus stop and enumerates all the fines and court costs he has to pay-as he waits, seemingly forever.

Additional credits to producer Beth Hagen, editor Ben Longland at Stuart Wax,

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