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Knobby tires, smooth legs. Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis, pedals around town to the college crowd for local Osell's Custom Frames. Other ads compare frames to lung size (hamster, human, horse) and medical attention (Band-Aid, ambulance, medevac). Agency credits to art director Steve Sage and writers Bill Roden, Richard Bloom and Neal Hughlett.

Suck my decals. Vibe, from Visix, billed as the fastest Java tool around, gets the funny car treatment from West & Vaughan, Durham, N.C. Explains art director/CD Robert Shaw West, "A lot of technological advertising strategies are extremely complex and over most consumers' heads. Although this is a program for a complete computer geek, we're aiming to bring all the complexities down to laymen's terms." Real sticky decals are available by calling 1-888-876-VIBE. Neat. Now everything will be fine when we find out what Vibe does.

Additional credits to exec CD Bill West, art director/designer Rob Baird, writers Francis George and Eran Thomson, illustrator Chris Spollen and designer Mike DelMarmor.

History, with its zipper open. The latest Diesel fumes from Paradiset DDB Needham/Stockholm take the form of a "Historical Moments" campaign that can be described as a touch revisionist. On the TV side, the "Battle of the Ardennes, 1940," directed by Jhoan Camitz of Mod:Film through Palma Pictures, Palma de Mallorca, features a male model of a mailman who delivers both a draft notice and later a killed in action notice from the French Army to a demonic man's angelic wife. The next shot has pretty boy and Diesel cherub walking arm-in-arm down the aisle, the late husband playing the organ as Satan flies by. "Little Rock, 1853," directed by Ulf Johansson of Traktor, Los Angeles, juxtaposes a sickeningly suave cowboy and his loving babe with a beast of a frontiersman who sleeps with ugly harlots, takes candy from tykes and kicks puppies. The two have a showdown and this time the cute guy dies. End of story. Additional credits to art director/CD Joakim Jonason and copywriter Jakob Nelson.

On the print side, photographer Peter Gehrke's images are composited with old photos to recall such bizarre moments as an East Berlin kindergarten class in 1967 where the kids listen to an Eric Honecker record, a bunch of babes partying with Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill at the Yalta Conference in 1945, and a black man diving into a pool in Sun City, 1975, as horrified white women look

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