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Deadlines are the comic essence of two UPS commercials from Ammirati & Puris, New York, that promotes its on-time worldwide guarantee with vignettes of the lamest late excuses and tales of the punctually obsessed.

Directed by Jeff Stark through Headquarters, New York, the spots rely on eccentric casting, tight closeups and skewed camera angles for their comic look. "All over the world when people are late, you're guaranteed to hear excuses," begins a VO in one :30. "The alarm clock broke," grovels one man, who appears mouse-sized next to his boss' foot. "My goldfish died," sobs a German. UPS' money-back policy is explained as we see employees rushing deliveries. Another spot shows mothers gushing over their punctually obsessed deliverymen sons. "We wanted to do something positive without pounding our chests," says writer David

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