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Contest #416: It's March! It's madness! It's the NCAA college basketball tournament!

And that means it's Dick Vitale time, baby! It's irritating, breathless exclamation with a capital X! It's raucous! It's rambling! It's ridiculous! And it's undeniably infectious! Adidas has caught the Dicky Vee fever; what if other advertisers did? Oh, baby! Coca-Cola and Folger's listen up-this guy's a superstar on the All-Caffeine team! Don't call a T-O, T.N.T.ers: come up with the next advertising campaign to star Dick Vitale! Oh, baby!

And now for the results of Contest #412: we asked you for the next kids' marketer to use Joe Camel in advertising and we got a buzz off these drags: Joe for a variety of "Sheik" and "Hump" condom brands; Joe Camel's Super Soaker squirt gun; and Joe Camel, Bazooka Joe and that scary Kool-Aid pitcher guy team up in a Saturday morning cartoon.

And: First Prize: Joe Camel Baby Pacifiers are the nukkies every infant cries out for. Joe Camel Baby Pacifiers will keep your baby happy while you step outside to enjoy the great flavor of a Camel Light. Four out of five babysitters insist on Joe Camel Baby Pacifiers. Mark Moylan, writer, Moylan & Co., Dearborn, Mich.

Second Prize: Forget about Lucky Charms cereal. How about a Joe Camel's Body Bits? Includes a variety of tiny marshmallow treats, like green livers, cloudy brown lungs, enlarged hearts and invisible spleens! Joe Camel Body Bits-grab a bowel, er, bowlful today! Jack Huber, proofreader, Kingswood Advertising, Ardmore, Pa.; and Jim Mosely, Jr., PR coordinator, TuckerWayne/Luckie & Co., Birmingham, Alabama.

Third Prize: Nike and Adidas join forces with Joe Camel to market the latest innovation in athletic footwear-The Hump. This unique sneaker features the patented "Hump" tongue technology. You're running and you get hot and thirsty. No need to worry, you're wearing "The Hump." The tongue allows you to store up to 8 ounces of your favorite beverage. So while you're out there breaking your hump, it'll be refreshing for you to break out yours! Laurie Bloom, marketing coordinator, Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Nassau, New York.

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