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While some jeans campaigns strive to make the product seem fashionably dangerous, a campaign for Pepe jeans from London's Leagas Delaney makes the wearer seem really dangerous, presenting a dysfunctional British family in which the son takes Daddy's expensive car and drops it from a great height.

Shot by the British directing duo known as the Douglas Brothers of Delaney & Hart, London, the spot follows a teen as he steals away in the night with his parents' Mercedes after a vicious family spat, while moldy old Dad sits home in bed reading. A VO supplies ironic counterpoint, offering ways to talk to teens, as the prodigal son picks up his attractively grungy friends and cruises to the docks. The kids hoist the car from a towering crane and lets it fly, as the VO advises, "Don't treat minor mishaps as major catastrophes."

"'We're so fed up with advertisers trying to talk to teens in a bland way," explains CD/AD Martin Galton, who teamed with CD/writer Tim Delaney. Airing in cinemas and on satellite channels, the spots were inspired by rebellious stunts like "air bagging" cars, in which European teens have been known to crash cars

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