VIDEO: Bob Garfield Reviews the Super Bowl Commercials

Why Snickers' 'BrokeBack Mountain' Moment Was One of the Game's Big Ad Blunders

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NEW YORK ( -- One of the biggest advertising blunders of Super Bowl XLI was a Snickers ad featuring a discomforting "'Brokeback Mountain' moment," according to Advertising Age ad critic Bob Garfield.

While he found this year's overall flock of game commercials to be unusually good as effective advertising, he holds no punches in pointing out the worst and the most amateurish of the lot.

Perhaps most disappointing were the "consumer-generated ads" of Doritos, Chevy and the NFL that utterly failed to live up to the massive hype they generated in the weeks prior to the game.

Which spot was Garfield's own favorite? We'll let you see the surprising answer to that one when you click open this seven-minute video review.

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