VIDEO INTERVIEW: David Verklin on His New Book

Discusses Upfront 'Snake Oil Salesmanship,' Pornography, Super Bowl Buys

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Carat Americas CEO David Verklin discusses his new book in this 10-minute video interview. | ALSO: Comment in the 'Your Opinion' box below.
NEW YORK ( -- Advertising is becoming more of a science and less of an art, and creative directors and their staffs are in for some profound changes, says Carat Americas CEO David Verklin. In a video interview about his new book from John Wiley & Sons, "Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here," Mr. Verklin said, "The traditional version of creativity, which is working together on a 30-second TV commercial as a team of an art director and a copy writer, is a fundamentally outdated concept."

Mr. Verklin, who heads the world's fourth-largest media-buying company, is well known throughout the industry for his prescient visions on the future of marketing communications. The book, which he co-authored with the recently deceased Bernice Kanner, is a journey across the broad landscape of media change and upheaval. In this freewheeling 10-minute video interview, he discusses the "snake oil salesmanship" of the upfront process, the crucial role pornography plays in shaping new uses for emerging digital media technology, and Super Bowl ad prices that are getting "tougher and tougher to rationalize."
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