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Bob Garfield gave McDonald's Arch Deluxe campaign three stars. I call it a $200 million boondoggle. McDonald's should come to terms with the fact that a frozen, fried hamburger is never going to taste like what Wendy's or Burger King serve up.

McD created the best "adult" version of their burger 25 years ago-the quarter pounder. They failed with the McDLT and McLean Deluxe by focusing on small-picture issues: wilted lettuce and fat.

Now with Arch Deluxe they offer what Garfield refers to as "spicy," a sickly sweet sauce that, regardless of a difference in ingredients, is reminiscent of the special sauce on a Big Mac. And I still can't get it "my way."

Who ran the focus groups that sold them on this product? If they want more adults, they're just going to have to find something other than burgers to serve them.

Next, the billboards proclaiming "Spinach, cauliflower and now Arch Deluxe." I'd like to see some research that shows adults who like cauliflower are big fast-food customers looking for a better burger! To quote the kids in their ads, my reaction to the product and its campaign is...Yucckkk!

Eric Riback

Riback & Co.

Charlottesville, Va.

I read with interest your "Ronald vs. Dave" editorial in the May 13 issue.

Unfortunately, no remodeling of the hamburger is going to repair the damage McDonald's inflicted upon itself by installing a playground in nearly every store. Regardless of how "adult" the new burger is, I'll steer clear of the place unless I have an extra 45 minutes to kill at lunch time on Saturdays.

My 3-year-old daughter is far more interested in the ball pool and slides than she is in her Happy Meal. And if my wife and I try to skip out the side door without allowing Markie enough time to dive and climb with her friends, there will be hell to pay all the way to Wal-Mart.

I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way.

John Flowers

Sales associate

Watt Publishing Co.

Mount Morris, Ill.

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