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Rishad Tobaccowala, VP-account director of interactive media, Leo Burnett Co., Chicago:

On agencies' biggest challenges:

There are three issues: The first is how to ensure that what we do results in stronger brands. The second is how to fit the 5% interactive world with the 95% analog world. The third is how to attract talent, retain talent and organize around a world of one-to-one real-time communication.

On managing client expectations:

In many ways clients do not have enough skepticism about this new area. We work very hard at managing their expectations. They believe everything they read.

Interactive television is at least two or three years away from being in any meaningful number of homes. But many are excited because of interactive TV and do not realize that computer-based applications are here and now.

On marketing opportunities on the Internet:

Advertising will need to be redefined as commercial underwriting. It is unlikely that folks would want television commercials or print ads, but they would want answers to their questions, information and things they find entertaining or just plain weird.

On intellectual property:

We are very concerned about intellectual rights. To date, the stuff that has been put online is OK to duplicate and send out. But we are monitoring carefully ...

Remember this-sooner or later the analog world will have to learn to adapt to the digital world and not the other way around. Digits don't recognize laws-as yet.

On using interactive media to market package-goods:

In many cases like mayo, people are buying solutions such as cooking solutions or recipes or whatnot, therefore enabling and making solutions easier to find is one way to play this ... If in the end interaction is nothing more than an electronic FSI it is not going to work.

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