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I read your March editorial, "Low prices," with interest. I suggest that Every Day Low Prices may not be the boon you suggest for all manufacturers.

Mr. Ed Artzt and P&G would love to have all manufacturers convert to EDLP. It is what they tried to do when they orchestrated the introduction of EDLP into the U.S. in 1990.

EDLP works for the top one or two brands in a large product category. The remaining brands must find alternative strategies or be squeezed out because they don't have the advertising money needed to generate consumer demand.

At the time it introduced EDLP, P&G made a great deal of noise about reducing prices for the consumer and increasing its own advertising.

More recently, we have seen P&G announcing that the company will now trim advertising by 20%!

And don't make light of the fact that EDLP is not "universally popular ...especially with retailers who want the promotion dollars." Your readers should also understand that not all retailers use an EDLP marketing strategy. Those retailers who want to emphasize service, selection, etc., will find EDLP inconsistent with their business needs. And, in Europe, where the retailer is even more powerful than in the U.S., these same retailers can, and will, punish manufacturers who favor EDLP retailers.

P&G would love to have every manufacturer convert to EDLP. It would eliminate a great deal of pesky competition.

Robert Wals

President, Scarsdale Marketing Co.

Scarsdale, N.Y.

The board of the South Florida Chapter of IAA deserve an accolade for putting together a superb Marketing 2020 Advertising Summit of the Americas [co-sponsored by Advertising Age International].

The speakers were well prepared, knew what the audience expected and delivered it. I took 10 pages of notes.

This was the most insightful conference on the Latin American marketing environment I have attended in a long time.

As we all know, successes such as this do not occur by accident. One can only imagine the work that was involved in pulling this off.

Hopefully, there will be future meetings such as this.

Luis V. Dominguez

Professor of international business,

Florida Atlantic University

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

My sincere congratulations on an excellent Marketing 2020 Advertising Summit of the Americas.

I was pleased we were able to contribute with our clients Astrid Autolitano and Jeffrey Merrihue topping and tailing the day.

As our Mattel and Kellogg clients, respectively, throughout the region, they contributed to JWT's total record revenue growth in 1995 (+29%). Profits were up also benefiting from the economies of excellence and scale possible in this, one of the more homogeneous regions.

1996 looks even more exciting, and your conference captured this.

John E. Holmes

President, J. Walter Thompson

Mexico City

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