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Sardine Gladiators
Marketer: Volkswagen
Brand: Volkswagen
Title: "Sardines"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Now here's some really weird work from Arnold for Volkswagen. This is one of a series of spots that match the Beetle against a variety of silly 'foes.' It also drives viewers to the '' Web site to interactively engage in more of the same pointless exercises -- pointless, because unlike, say, 'Subservient Chicken,' there's nothing really humorous involved in the interactivity. Watch for this campaign to sink below the horizon quickly.

Third Screen Football
Marketer: Sprint/NFL
Brand: Sprint/NFL
Title: "Aisle Nine Runner"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York

If you think your fellow pedestrians are already too distracted by their cellphone calls, here's a new campaign that encourages them to watch their cellphone screens as they move through stores. Welcome to the new age of third screen video programming.

Fortune Teller
Marketer: Dunkin' Donuts
Brand: Dunkin' Donuts
Title: "Fortune Teller"
Agency: Hill Holliday

This commercial is about as cheesy as the gloppy product it promotes. Why doesn't Dunkin Donuts stick with the core product line that made it famous rather then expand into vulcanized sandwich fare like this?

Jack in Box
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Title: "Tammy Bailey"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

What is it that is so subliminally creepy about Jack in the Box's ping-pong-ball-headed ad characters? No matter, they're back again with a tale of high-school lust and triumph.

Puncturing Stereotypes
Marketer: Southwest Key
Brand: Southwest Key
Title: "Surgeon"
Agency: In-House

In its ongoing effort to puncture stereotypes, Southwest Key presents the picture of a successful surgeon who was once an inner-city gang member. The organization has programs in eight states aimed at providing social support and guidance to at-risk children and young adults on probation.

Glove Compartment Sushi
Marketer: Volkswagen
Brand: Passat
Title: "Raw Texas"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

OK, so you say that when you buy roadside sushi and store it in the glove compartment of your car it tends to taste funny when you finally eat it, right? Well, here's the solution to that ridiculously common problem: Buy the latest model Passat, which has a cooled glove compartment.

Pitch to 10 Year Olds
Marketer: Sony
Brand: PlayStation
Title: "Football"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

In the very competitive, mega-billion-dollar world of video games, it's important for marketers to hook their consumers as early as possible. Here's the latest Sony PlayStation ad targeted at 10 year olds.

Cellophane Authenticity
Marketer: Arnold Bakers
Brand: Arnold Bakers
Title: "Baker"
Agency: Seiter & Miller, New York

Think of it as cellophane authenticity. We need to convince viewers that this loaf of store-bought bread is something more. Hey, let's get an old-world looking baker who kneads dough and bakes bread in brick ovens all day and show that at lunchtime, he eats sandwiches made of Arnold bread slices fresh out of their cellophane wrapper.

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