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Stupid Snowmobiler
Marketer: Vonage
Brand: Broadband Phone Service
Title: "Snowmobile"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

A snowmobiler takes a roadside snowbank at 60 miles an hour, unexpectedly catapulting his machine and his body to a spectacular crash. It all underscores Vonage's selling line that 'Some people are stupid' --and pay too much for phone service.

Passing Gas
Marketer: American Legacy Foundation and the Ad Council
Brand: Anti-Smoking
Title: "Grandpa"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami

The Ad Council's first involvement in an anti-smoking campaign uses a gag story line pegged to the normal response of a crowded room to human flatulence. Its point is that smokers are 'passing gas' when they introduce burning tobacco fumes into a room where other people are breathing.

Human Anthill
Marketer: Nextel
Brand: Nextel
Title: "The Build"
Agency: TBWA Chiat/Day, New York

Turning the construction site of the Atlantic City Borgata casino into a human anthill, Nextel shows how all of its services allow very large groups to work faster and more efficiently. The overall scene includes fascinating special effects that will probably give OSHA inspectors nightmares.

Political Sushi
Marketer: New York Jets
Brand: NY Sports & Convention Center
Title: "Sushi Tackle"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's effort to build a new sports stadium complex on the city's West Side has triggered a storm of controversy, as well as a windfall of new business for ad and PR agencies that have been retained for the very public fray. Here's one of the latest pro-stadium spots from the New York Jets, which is on the mayor's team.

Third Arm
Marketer: Dairy Queen
Brand: Quarter-Pounder
Title: "Mannequin Arm"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York

This is one of those hopelessly tacky, cheap-gimmick commercials that works because it is so memorably absurd. When you need two hands to hold the giant new Dairy Queen quarter-pounder, how do you deal with other tasks? With a plastic mannequin arm strapped to your body, of course.

Pretty Pig Farmer
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Aquafina
Title: "I Feel Pretty"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Highlighted by the uplifting song 'I Feel Pretty' from 'West Side Story' are these vignettes of people in all walks of life feeling healthier and happier after guzzling Aquafina. Even a pig farmer feels pretty when drinking the bottled water.

Health Club Burgers
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Title: "Thoughts"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing, Santa Monica

All fast-food chains have the same image problem in our obesity-challenged society, and Jack in the Box hits the issue head on. Its latest commercial is set in a health club with its ping-pong-ball-head company icon character working out on a treadmill. At least company executives are in shape even if their customers are not.

Laundromat Astronaut
Marketer: Ad Council
Brand: Flu Preventive Precautions
Title: "Spaceman"
Agency: Merkley & Partners

In a flu-vaccine-short country, the Ad Council puts an astronaut in a Laundromat to demonstrate how individuals can avoid the flu with simple precautions much less complicated than wearing an air-tight space suit.

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