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"I applaud Lowe's and Tyson for letting the networks know when they are way too close to the edge in areas where advertisers don't want to go or be associated."

-Jeff Hochstrasser/president/Highstreet Advertising/Puyallup, Wash.

"Do 'family-oriented consumer groups really represent the vast majority of consumers? ... This type of one-dimensional reaction is partly to blame for broadcast TV losing steam to cable."

-Stephan St. Louis/principal partner/AdSaga/New York

"It's good target marketing. ... The 'values' and content of the medium are just as important as its numbers in media selection. That's why ... Pampers aren't advertised in Penthouse."

-Greg Branch/VP-creative director/Princing & Ewend/Saginaw, Mich.

"This is the same show during which I counted at least three ads for Fisher Price last Sunday. If it is safe for kids' toys, I am sure it is safe for chickens."

-David Striet/producer/I & Eye Productions/Cincinnati

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