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Happy Halloween!

Random House and Barney's, the posh clothing store on Madison Ave. in Manhattan, are hosting a new series of monthly literary breakfasts in the shop. Harry Evans moderates. The first breakfast dealt with Dorothy Parker and had a panel including Brendan Gill, Charlie Rose, Barbara Walters, Kitty Carlisle-Hart, Ann Magnuson and Lauren Hutton. On Nov. 17 they take up "New Writing," whatever that is, and on Dec. 8, Oscar Wilde. And we all know about him!

Mark Flaherty's the new regional sales manager (based in Chicago) for Times Mirror books Outdoor Life and Field & Stream.

Fred Newton of the Jukebox Advisory Council notifies me November is National Jukebox Month. And informs me the jukebox is 105 years old. Noted.

Movieline mag promoted Kaye Lewis to associate publisher/West.

In Tennis magazine, Jim Courier acknowledges Jimmy Connors' play but rejects Connors' critique of today's players who, says Courier, don't play "with fingers in the air and hands on our crotch."

John Kelly of Biederman, Kelly & Shaffer, the N.Y. agency, sends along (and boy! do I need this) "Cybertalk," a glossary of terms you need to know "before setting forth on the information superhighway."

Gracious, funny little tribute in Vanity Fair by Joan Juliet Buck on Conde Nast's late Leo Lerman.

Love that cover shot of Picabo Street wrapped in the American flag for the new Skiing for Women. Exuberant and delightful.

The lovely Jennifer O'Neill off to Old Lyme, Conn., as hon. chairperson of the annual Antiques Show Nov. 4-6. With John Forsythe she will host six hourlong TV specials on horses and riding to be shot next year.

Great Peter Vecsey crack in the New York Post re plump NBA player Stanley Roberts who proclaimed, "I want to be the next Kareem." "Yeah," writes Pete, "Kareem of Wheat."

Does this mean (John Mack Carter's elevation) I don't get invited to lunch anymore at the Good Housekeeping kitchen?

Country America mag sponsors a 4th annual "Battle of the Bands" Nov. 17 at The Supper Club in N.Y. The Mavericks are the featured act.

Business Week declares the absolutely best "B" school in the country is Wharton (U. of Pennsylvania). There hasn't been so much excitement since Francis Xavier Reagan's Quakers met Tommy Harmon's Wolverines on the gridiron. Harvard, in a shock, drops to 5th place in BW's estimation.

Popular Science unveils its annual list of 100 "Best" new products Nov. 9 at Tavern on the Green in N.Y.

Outside magazine named Richard Skeen its eastern manager.

Attention, Mike Lupica of Newsday: Joe Paterno (and twin brother George) attended Brooklyn Prep, not Tech, before going on to play football at Brown. Prep, now closed, was a Jesuit school; Tech a very good public high.

The Ivy League Magazine Network, eight alumni mags, named Laura Fried its exec director; she remains publisher of Harvard.

Fitness magazine closed the year with 329 ad pages vs. 242 a year ago.

Ken Wallace says Prevention in January will boost rate base to 3.25 million. Newsstand sales were up 27% in the first half of '94 compared to the period a year earlier, says Ken.

Fred Drasner and Mort Zuckerman also crowing after their New York Daily News put out a 288-page paper (140 ad pages), the biggest News in four years.

Chris Hanley moved from WQXR Radio in New York to Bloomberg News Radio in local broadcast media sales, covering retail and agency biz.

Interview mag's 25 years old! Andy Warhol's first issue featured the stars of "Hair" plus Viva.

Forty-two years after it ended, the Korean War Memorial will be dedicated in Washington next July 27.

Deft move by Marvel (the comic book folks) acquiring Welsh Publishing Group and, especially, Don Welsh.

Fascinating cover story in the Los Angeles Times magazine about Clarence Thomas on his largely inert first three years on the Supreme Court. David S. Savage portrays the judge as a disappointment even to supporters and a man who reads no newspapers or magazines except the Rev. Moon's Washington Times and who listens to tapes of the Rush Limbaugh show.

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