Washington Post to print Unabomber manifesto

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Tuesday's edition of The Washington Post will contain a special eight-page report that carries the full 35,000-word manifesto of the Unabomber, the serial killer who has conducted a 17-year terrorism campaign aimed at business executives and researchers, Advertising Age has learned.

The Post's full-run special report comes five days before the Sept. 24 deadline set by the Unabomber for the Post and/or The New York Times to publish his full manifesto, or he would kill again. The Post alone will publish the manifesto, although The Times reportedly is paying half the cost of publication.

The Post and the Times decided over the weekend to publish the manifesto after conversations last week with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh. The newspapers made this decision ``under the threat of violence,'' according to Post owner Katherine Graham and Times Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. The Post was chosen to publish the manifesto due to its technological capability to get the full manuscript into all editions. Internal estimates put the cost of running the treatise as high as $40,000.

In this week's edition of Ad Age, a high-ranking source at the Times said: ``We are going to work together on this.''

On Aug. 2 the Times published what it deemed ``newsworthy'' excerpts from the 35,000-word manuscript. At that time published reports reiterated that the Unabomber had given the Times and/or the Post until Sept. 24 to agree to publish the full manifesto. The Unabomber, who has killed three persons and maimed several others, said he would resume his bomb attacks if that demand was not met.

Meanwhile, there were indications that the unprecedented FBI manhunt for the Unabomber was focusing on several prime suspects.

``The FBI has had several prime suspects under around-the-clock survaillance for several weeks now,'' a source close to the investigation told Ad Age.

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