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A Dog in Pain
Marketer: Novartis Animal Health
Brand: Deramaxx
Title: "Serious Pain"
Agency: Colle & McVoy, Minneapolis

Funded by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, this spot was produced to look like a public service announcement for the Veterinary Orthopedic Society. It dramatizes a canine's arthritis symptoms, which also define the target market for the Novartis drug, Deramaxx.

Olympic Canyon Jumper
Marketer: General Motors Corp.
Brand: Chevrolet & NBC
Title: "Olympic Caravan"
Agency: Camp-Ewald, Warren, Mich

Of Olympian length and starring some of the Games' stellar U.S. athletes, this commercial features a convoy of slick new vehicles whose drivers perform super-human feats of strength along the way to their rendezvous with destiny on NBC.

Publicis Pitches for Paris
Marketer: City of Paris
Brand: Paris Olympics Pitch
Title: "Candidate City"
Agency: Publicis, New York

The race to win the venue for the 2012 Olympics is under way and this is Paris' entry. Produced by the New York office of the Paris-headquartered Publicis Groupe, the spot shows us a City of Light totally inhabited by a population of Olympians.

Porsche's Childhood Obsessions
Marketer: Porsche
Brand: Porsche 911
Title: "Business Card"
Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

A loving portrayal of the potential for Porsche to excite childhood obsessions, this three-minute commercial ends with camera shots caressing a jewel-like new 911. No question about it, though. It does make you want to put on your black leather motoring gloves.

Ikea's Double Entendre
Marketer: Ikea
Brand: Ikea
Title: "Furniture Swapping"
Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky, Miami

Quick, we have one more spot to crank out and we're out of time as well as ideas. What do we do? Hey, how about we just put a few suburbanites in a room and have one of them blurt out a double-entendre about wife swapping. Watching the embarrassing moment will make viewers uncomfortable and maybe that will make them remember our furniture. Brilliant!

Leaping Cars
Marketer: General Motors Corp.
Brand: Chevrolet
Title: "Silverado"
Agency: Accentmarketing, Coral Gables, Fla.

Imagine a pickup truck so cool that when it drives down the street other cars literally leap up and down in excitement. Spoofing lowrider culture with a pinch of humor and pumped up shocks, Chevy gives us that scene in this Silverado spot for the U.S. Hispanic audience.

Car Bites Truck
Marketer: BMW of North America
Brand: BMW
Title: "Tow Truck"
Agency: Fallon Minneapolis

Here's a variation on the man-bites-dog story. It's a dark and stormy night on a remote mountain road. From afar we see a tow truck and a BMW pulled to the side. An emergency light blinks forlornly. We hear a voice expressing relief that help has finally arrived. The broken down tow truck driver leaps into the BMW, which has graciously offered him a lift back to town.

Zoomers Frolic
Marketer: Mazda North America
Brand: Mazda
Title: "Cell Phone Mazda"
Agency: Doner Advertising

Selling 'Zoom, zoom, zoom' as both an advertising tagline and a ring tone for your phone, Mazda's spot takes us through a playland of beautiful people surfing, climbing and driving themselves to various sorts of personal triumph.

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