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Citroën's Dancing Car Robot
Marketer: PSA Peugeot Citroën Group
Brand: Citroën C4
Title: "Dancer"
Agency: Euro RSCG, London

The special-effects technique of having cars disassemble and morph into other shapes like Transformers has become common of late in automotive spots. But few have the élan of this dancing Citroën robot. It certainly is, as its tagline boasts, 'Alive with technology.'

Prison Visit
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: VIM Bathroom Cleaner
Title: "Prison Visitor"
Agency: Zig, Toronto

In a heart-wrenching scene, a young daughter visits her imprisoned mother. Their hands meet on either side of the glass. The girl asks her mother when she will be getting out. And then we learn if Mom had been using VIM, she would have escaped long ago.

Baseball Music
Marketer: Nike
Brand: Nike
Title: "Baseball"
Agency: Cole & Weber/Red Cell, Seattle

Take all the sounds of baseball training -- the clank of cold barbell plates, fastballs slapped hard into warm leather, shoe spikes jabbed deep into limed dirt -- and combine them to make a song. Add in generous amounts of swoosh logos and end up with this spot that makes its point without using a single word.

Out Cold for Cub Cadet
Marketer: MTD Consumer Products
Brand: Cub Cadet Lawn Mower
Title: "Lose the belts"
Agency: BlattnerBruner, Pittsbugh

Cub Cadet -- a brand of home lawn tractors -- scores something of a knockout with this spot, which manages to make a technical issue involving engine belts humorous and memorable and likely to be talked about.

Bust a Tunic
Marketer: Old Navy
Brand: Old Navy
Title: "Tunic"
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

Since switching from its in-house advertising department to Deutsch in Los Angeles, Old Navy's commercials haven't gotten any less kitschy but they are using better music. Here, three babes in Old Navy tunics prance and wiggle to 'Bust a Move,' the Grammy-winning rap hit of Marvin Young, who performs as Young MC.

Dark Side M&Ms
Marketer: Mars Masterfoods USA
Brand: M&Ms
Title: "Red's Decision"
Agency: BBDO, New York

In a co-promotion with 'Revenge of the Sith' we have two of the M&M spokescandies meeting with Darth Vader, who is trying to lure them to the dark side. The Red M&M resists and meets a sad fate. Yellow gets with the program and joins Lord Vader in celebrating the joys of dark chocolate M&Ms.

Falling to Pieces
Marketer: Quaker Oats Co.
Brand: Gatorade
Title: "Shattered"
Agency: Element 79 Partners

Every have one of those days when you just seem to be falling apart? Gatorade's new Endurance Formula is just the thing to help you hold it all together again.

Bang a Drum
Marketer: Verizon Wireless
Brand: Verizon Wireless
Title: "In Step"
Agency: Global Hue, Southfield, Mich.

Bringing on a marching band, Verizon beats the drum for its 'Impulse' wireless service.

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