Watch the Spots: Chevrolet Features Gay Couples in Olympic Ads

Ads Break During NBC's Coverage of Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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Russia's stringent anti-gay laws have created an issue for sponsors and advertisers of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, with some skirting the issue and others confronting it.

General Motors' Chevrolet will make a very big statement by showing gay couples for the first time in its TV commercials during tonight's Opening Ceremonies coverage on NBC. Both spots were created by Commonwealth, Detroit, and feature real families rather than actors.

All the families featured in the Traverse spot are "real family units," said Tim Mahoney, Chevy's global CMO. Commonwealth found them through social media and outreach.

One spot for the Traverse shows two gay fathers standing proudly with their kids in a kitchen. There are also shots of multi-racial families as Chevy explores what it means to be a family these days.

"While what it means to be a family hasn't changed, what a family looks like, has," notes the voiceover. "This is the new us." The spot ends with Chevy's tagline for the past year: "Find New Roads."

Another 60-second brand spot has a shot of a gay couple celebrating their marriage and a clip of Jack Andraka, the openly gay scientist who developed a test for pancreatic cancer. Says the ad: "The new us, like the old us, is built on the things that matter most."

"Chevrolet has always been an inclusive and authentic brand," said Chevy spokeswoman Cristi Vazquez in a statement. "By focusing on genuine moments and real families, these ads celebrate the diversity of all Chevrolet customers. "

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