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A Collection of the Most Memorable Spots

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GoDaddy a Go Go
Marketer: GoDaddy.com
Brand: GoDaddy Domain Registration
Title: "Broadcast Hearing"
Agency: Ad Store

In its first foray in a Super Bowl, Internet domain registry company GoDaddy.com crafted a buzz-generating commercial that mixes biting political satire with liberal doses of bosom to create the game's most controversial spot. At the same time it harpoons the FCC's increasingly puritanical bent, it makes the little-known GoDaddy one of the most talked-about advertisers to come out of this year's football game.

Marketer: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Anheuser-Busch
Title: "Applause"
Agency: DDB Chicago

Our favorite Super Bowl ad was this one from Anheuser-Busch paying tribute to U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The visual is a simple scene inside a crowded U.S. airport terminal. A group of U.S. Army soldiers in desert battle fatigues walk into view. Everyone in the terminal spontaneously applauds the troops.

Hollywood Mini Celebrities
Marketer: Verizon
Brand: Verizon
Title: "Mini"
Agency: McCann Erickson, New York

Studded with celebrities including Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera and Shaquille O'Neal reduced to lilliputian size, Verizon's spot plugs a new V-Cast broadband service that brings high-quality music videos, sports highlights and movie trailers to a miniature screen near you. Can you see me now?

Silestone's Pretty Dennis
Marketer: Cosentino USA
Brand: Silestone Counter Tops
Title: "Diana Pearl"
Agency: Freed Advertising, Sugar Land, Texas

Pretty as ever, Dennis Rodman is showcased in this spot about the joys of selecting the correct countertop materials for your kitchen or bath.

Best Super Bowl Dancers
Marketer: Olympus
Brand: M:robe Camera Music Player
Title: "Jacque Your Body"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

No question that this spot for the new Olympus camera/music player, boasts the game's best dance scenes. Great robotic moves to a music track that all but demands any foot within hearing range to tap itself.

Ameriquest's Crime Fighters
Marketer: Ameriquest
Brand: Ameriquest
Title: "Mini-Mart"
Agency: DDB Direct, Venice, Calif.

This spot's story line pokes fun at the hordes of cell phone headset users who appear to be talking to themselves as they walk down the street. A man enters a convenience store, babbling on to a friend about getting 'getting robbed' for paying too much for a new deck. His meaning is misinterpreted by the convenience store manager and his wife, who are armed with mace, a baseball bat, an electric prod and high anxiety about robberies.

CareerBuilder's Monkey Business
Marketer: CareerBuilder
Brand: CareerBuilder
Title: "Titanic"
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago

Monkeys have a long tradition of appearing in Super Bowl ads and they're back with CareerBuilder. In a set that looks like a cross between a corporate boardroom and 'Planet of the Apes,' we watch a hapless human who needs CareerBuilder to find a new job.

Burt Reynolds and the Bear
Marketer: FedEx
Brand: FedEx
Title: "Top Ten"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Burt Reynolds dances with a bear and gets kicked in the groin in this spot that is staged as an instruction about the top 10 most-common elements used in Super Bowl ads.

Roadhouse Riders
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: F-Series Trucks
Title: "Roadhouse"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Who makes trucks so mean they can scare the bejesus out of a pack of badass outlaw motorcycle riders? Ford, of course. Why else would they call it 'Ford Tough'?

Cowboy Tough
Marketer: American Honda
Brand: Honda Truck
Title: "Buckles"
Agency: RPA, Santa Monica

Honda's new Ridgeline pickup truck -- the latest challenger to Ford's F-Series of trucks -- uses a montage of cowboy buckles to lay claim to the same rugged Western sensibilities that have always been a part of Ford trucks' brand identity.

Can't Touch This
Marketer: Frito Lay
Brand: Lays Classic
Title: "Fence"
Agency: DDB, New York

M.C. Hammer, whose glory days are well behind him, makes a Super Bowl appearance hawking potato chips for Lays in this ad. Hey, it doesn't top the charts but he does pick up some easy cash. Can't touch that.

Brand Icon Reunion
Marketer: MasterCard
Brand: MasterCard
Title: "Icons"
Agency: McCann Erickson, New York

Like refugees from the recent 'Advertising Week in New York' bash, brand icons Jolly Green Giant, Morton Salt Girl, Pillsbury's Doughboy and Mr. Clean and friends gather for a product-placement party hosted by MasterCard.

Mama's Boy
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: Degree for Men
Title: "Mama's Boy"
Agency: Lowe, New York

In an effort to outdo the explicitly sex-focused ad campaigns that have made rival Axe the most talked about deodorant product of the young male set, Unilever tries the 'weirder than you' ad route with its Degree for Men. Featuring wimpy males who are mama's boys, suck-ups and wusses, this spot notes that 'some men never take risks.' Well, Unilever sure did when it agreed to this one.

Volvo in Outer Space
Marketer: Volvo Cars of North America
Brand: Volvo XC90
Title: "Rocket"
Agency: Euro RSCG MVBMS

Over the years, envious rivals and media pundits have often suggested that Richard Branson is way out there with some of his promotional stunts. And now, the Virgin marketing guru intends turn those criticisms into reality. Virgin and Volvo team up in this Super Bowl ad to offer lucky contestants an actual trip into outer space. Hope they don't take the Shuttle.

Trophy Head
Marketer: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Bud Light
Title: "Head"
Agency: Downtown Partners, Toronto

Stuck through the wall after a thwarted attempt to purloin a Bud Light, our hero must pose as a stuffed trophy head while two burly hunters use his teeth as an opener for their own Bud Lights.

Bottle Music
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Diet Pepsi
Title: "Pepsi-iTunes"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day

Since Pepsi launched a co-marketing program with Apple at last year's Super Bowl, bottles of Diet Pepsi have literally contained music. The deal continues this year with free iTunes download codes included in each cap. This spot humorously depicts typical soda drinkers enjoying their music.

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