Ways Google will take over the world

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1. Google Base

What: Free ad service for the masses.

Takes on: Craigslist, eBay, potentially every newspaper classified service

2. Google Analytics

What: Free online ad-reporting tool that gives marketers performance-tracking results for all types of online ad campaigns.

Takes on: The $460 million search-analytics market and is a way to reach potentially advertisers of all sizes.

3. Google magazine ads

What: Google buys pages in magazines like PC Magazine and carves up portions to sell on a cost-per-click basis to AdWords clients.

Takes on: Anyone who can pronounce "disintermediation."

4. Speaking of which ...

Google TV play

What: Nothing yet, but Google doesn't discount the possibility.

Takes on: Potentially, the advertising world. Network TV, meet the long tail.

5. Google Site Targeting

What: Google goes beyond CPC and offers up a payment method agencies understand-CPM.

Takes on: Agencies, traditional offline CPM channels.

6. Google WiFi try

What: Google has bid to hook up the city of San Francisco to WiFi for free.

Takes on: Cable providers

7. Google Print

What: A plan to make the full text of the world's books searchable.

Takes on: Every published author and centuries' old copyright law

8. Operating System

What: With its powerful and brilliant engineering corps, Google could develop an Internet-based OS if it wanted to.

Takes on: Microsoft. Microsoft. Microsoft.

9. Google Video

What: As America converts to broadband, Google will use its auction model to monetize what could become the source for all online entertainment

Takes on: Cable and network TV, other portals' video products

10. Google PayPal alternative

What: Beta version of this online financial payment service will be rolled out in October.

Takes on: EBay's PayPal, and if it were used across the Web, ultimately a share of every e-commerce transaction made online.

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