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The New Power Brokers

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Going Green? Plant Deep Roots

The sustainability officer, now commonplace in the upper executive echelons of Fortune 500 companies, influences the chief marketing officer's suite more than ever. Whether a power struggle is in the offing remains to be seen, but these are undoubtedly the new brand power brokers, wielding considerable influence and driving agendas for the world's biggest brands.

Francis Sullivan
Francis Sullivan, deputy head of group sustainable development and adviser on the environment

After 20 years at the World Wildlife Federation, Mr. Sullivan joined the banking giant in early 2004 in this newly created position. He holds advanced degrees in agriculture and forest sciences and its relation to land use from Oxford University.
Ron Jarvis, VP-environmental innovation

Mr. Jarvis joined the home-improvement retailer in 1995 and was recently promoted to this position. He managed the launch of the Eco Options label on 2,500 products. He also oversees environmental sustainability practices and policies and is charged with positioning the brand as a leader in green building products.
Ron Jarvis
Susan M. Cischke
Susan M. Cischke, senior VP-sustainability, environment and safety engineering

With a product mix leaning toward gas-guzzling heavy trucks and SUVs, Ford veteran Ms. Cischke certainly has a tough road ahead, especially considering Ford's poor record on fuel economy, the second-lowest in the industry. She reports directly to CEO Alan Mulally.
Peter White, director-global sustainability

Mr. White was named to his position in June 2006 and leads P&G's global sustainability group, created in 1999. Although P&G has taken the lead in moving the laundry-detergent industry toward concentrated liquid detergents to reduce packaging, plenty of plastic abounds in other categories -- well beyond what's needed to simply contain product (e.g., the elaborate superstructures that show off small bottles of Olay skin cream). Based in Newcastle, England, Mr. White spent 13 years in academia in the biological and environmental sciences prior to joining P&G in 1991.
Peter White
Lorraine Bolsinger
Lorraine Bolsinger, VP-Ecomagination

Most recently head of marketing, sales and product management, this 25-year veteran at GE leads the entire Ecomagination effort, managing the execution with executives in marketing and sales as well as global leaders in environment, health and safety. Ms. Bolsinger graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in biomechanical engineering.
Andy Ruben, VP-corporate strategy and sustainability

Mr. Ruben joined Wal-Mart in 2002 as director of corporate strategy before assuming this post. He also was a consultant with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's strategy practice and holds a B.A. in Civil Engineering and an M.B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis.
Andy Ruben
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