What Not to Wear: Ridiculous Fashion From Nordstrom, Balenciaga and More

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Nordstrom took "authenticity" a little too far last week by marketing a pair of mud-coated jeans that were more dirt than denim. The $425 pants were meant to embody true Americana workwear, according to Nordstrom's site, but they instead prompted outrage, snark and allusions to "Zoolander" 's homeless-chic parody, Derelicte.

While Nordstrom may be a repeat offender (the company is also selling a pair of pricey, plastic-kneed "mom jeans"), it's hardly the only culprit. French fashion house Balenciaga's new blue bag costs 2,167 times the original Ikea version.

Ad Age put together its own outrageous outfit out of the most egregious recent offenders, all for just under $6,000. What would Amazon's Echo Look say?

Total Cost: $5,723 plus tax

Credit: Barneys New York
Superstar Sneakers From Golden Goose - $585
These distressed shoes, held together by duct tape, give new meaning to the phrase "tone deaf."
Credit: Barneys New York
New York Knicks T-shirt From the Elder Statesman and the NBA - $590
Can you really call yourself a Knicks fan if you don't own this cashmere-silk blend tee?
Credit: Reebok
Authentic Sweat Shirt From Reebok - $425
Reebok got in on the action with a stained, smelly T-shirt at an insane price. (It was a joke.)
Credit: Alexander Wang via Shopbop.com
Max Fanny Pack From Alexander Wang - $790
Fashion trends come and go, but a fanny pack somehow lasts forever. Alexander Wang's version has a handy adjustable buckle.
Credit: Balenciaga
Arena Bag From Balenciaga - $2,145
Why spend 99 cents on the real thing when you can spend more than $2,000 on a designer remake?
Credit: PRPS via Nordstrom
Barracuda Straight-Leg Jeans From PRPS - $425
If you'd rather pay to get down and dirty than, say, actually do work, these are the jeans for you.
Credit: Falke via Falke.com
Limited-Edition Socks From Falke - $1,188
These vicuna wool socks could be a staple on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

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