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The Internet index Yahoo! inadvertently said it best.

The "What's New on Yahoo!" page early Aug. 24 featured an advertisement from the Internet Shopping Network for Windows 95 but no new site listings the morning of the Windows 95 launch. The problem was corrected after a few hours, but the metaphor works. In the computer world, only one new entity mattered that day: Windows 95.

Microsoft led the way in the World Wide Web-based celebrations of the launch of the new software. Bill Gates set up a Web site (http://www.windows.microsoft.com) devoted to the launch and the events surrounding it.

The site uses a fairgrounds or circus motif, with the big events (Bill's speech, with an introduction by Jay Leno) taking place in the Main Tent. The Midway Games area features an Internet scavenger hunt sponsored by Packard Bell and Microsoft, which will run from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7.

The game has players follow clues to a mystery, which then lead to other sites where players pick up points. Top three winners get Packard Bell computer systems.

MCI Communications Corp. and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. also put up a Web site through the Delphi Internet Services home page at http://www.delphi.com. The site featured news and feedback areas as well as a quirky device called "The Gates Fact Gurgitator," which contained jokes and irreverent tidbits such as: "In a 1990 interview, [Mr. Gates] said, `It is obvious that we will not include things like threads and pre-emptive multitasking in Windows. By the time we added that, you would have [IBM's] OS/2,' referring to what became some of the more technically salient features of Windows 95.

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