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Bob Davis


Lycos, Wilmington, Mass.

What I love about the Web is that there's an immense amount of information available at my fingertips. It's the reason I got involved with the Web in the first place. It rivals-in fact, surpasses-any other information resource that's been available in the history of mankind.

There's virtually no question I can't answer or problem I can't [solve] on the Web.

Although there's not a lot to dislike about the Web, my pet peeve is sites that aren't responsive. It goes hand-in-hand with popularity, but some of the sites get traffic backups.

But one day the Web will be as commonplace in our lives as telephones, televisions and radios. It will combine the best of today's print publications with an interactive medium and be integrated into more aspects of our daily lives.

However, without tools such as Lycos-which catalogs 91% of the 'Net-the Web would be nonnavigable. For a marketer, without a search tool the Web would be a far more daunting place.

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