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Jonathan Ezor


Davis & Gilbert, New York

The issue that most broadly affects every marketer using the Web is how governments around the world can and will regulate the Web.

From everyday marketing matters like truth-in-advertising and sweepstakes to more general points such as sexual content and gambling on the Internet, governments are just now coming to terms with both the regulatory possibilities and the difficulties in trying to control something that goes well beyond their borders.

Even those Web marketers who wish to obey the law will often find that there is no one "law" to be followed, and that the field changes daily.

Ultimately, I believe the value of the Web and the rest of the Internet is such that worldwide standards will have to be created, at which point Web-based marketers will finally be able to follow one cohesive set of rules.

While Web-based material is easily copied, it is also true that the Web is a great marketing and informational tool which most businesses ultimately will not want to avoid just because of risks of copying. Enforcement of rights for Internet-based infringement is difficult, but not impossible.

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