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Weird Faces and Big Tuna
Client: Fox Sports
Brand: NFL/NFC Teams
Title: "Parcells"
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding
Storied coach Bill Parcells, with a fresh $17.1 million contract from the Dallas Cowboys in his pocket, is the star of this spot from Fox Sports promoting its upcoming NFL National Football Conference coverage. Cartoon overlays include references to tuna fish -- a nod to Parcells long being known to football insiders as "Big Tuna."

Soul of the Game
Client: Converse
Brand: Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoe
Title: "Invisible Game"
Agency: Modernista!, Boston
Evoking a rich sense of the history of basketball, the game -- rather than basketball, the big-bucks celebrity fest -- this spot features poetry read by rapper and actor Mos Def. All the while, the visuals show a ball going through the motions of a game, sans players. A truly beautiful work.

Client: Medtech Laboratories
Brand: Compound W Freeze Off
Title: "Science"
Agency: Inwell Studios
The good news for all you wart haters is that this new product will let you freeze the little buggers off, just like the dermatologist does.

Braveheart Goats
Client: Calif. Milk Advisory Board
Brand: Cheese
Title: "Big Sheep"
Agency: Deutsch
Outraged that the California cows in a neighboring field have life too easy, a Braveheart-esque goat herd leader issues a call for action.

Photo Fakes
Client: Verizon
Brand: Photo Cell Phones
Title: "House Party"
Agency: Bozell
Employing a hackneyed house-party-while-the-parents-are-gone theme, this ad illustrates how teens can use a photo phone to fake out Mom and Dad. Ho hum.

Not Quite Triplets
Client: Dairy Queen
Brand: Triple Chocolate
Title: "Triplets"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York
Here's the gag: to promote its new 'Triple Chocolate Utopia' desert, Dairy Queen offers free Utopias to triplets. But then, inevitably, it has to fend off the not-quite-triplets seeking free sundaes.

Client: Pods Making Music
Brand: Volkswagen and Apple iPod
Title: "Pods Unite"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston
Two freethinking marketers -- Volkswagen and Apple -- team up to offer Beetles equipped with iPod stereo systems. Drivers need never listen to commercial music radio again.

Trashing Money
Client: Compass Bank
Brand: Free ATM Service
Title: "Throwing Away Your Money"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
As we watch consumers throw greenbacks into the trash, a voice-over informs us that Compass Bank offers free ATM services.

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