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Internet access provider UUNET Technologies is joining a burgeoning list of companies providing marketers with ways to do business on the Internet.

Through an alliance with Interse Corp., Hamilton, Va., a pioneer in World Wide Web server development, Falls Church, Va.-based UUNET is offering turn-key services for companies looking to establish themselves on the Web.

Three new clients are already up on UUNET's server-Windham Hill Records, Radio Shack and Accel Partners, a venture capital firm. UUNET expects to sign at least a dozen more within the next month.

Founded in 1987, UUNET has built a $17 million business offering Internet access to about 3,500 clients. The new offering is an extension of that business.

"We're trying to give companies a one-stop shopping approach for implementing services on the Web," said John Sidgmore, UUNET's president-CEO. "Not only do we have commercial abilities like CommerceNet [a consortium of high-tech companies operating on the 'net], but we have a national network and all the technical facilities to operate and run Web servers for our customers."

Princeton, N.J.-based Accel Partners created the graphical interface for its Web site but contracted with UUNET for management of the server.

In addition to online brochures, employee profiles, investment philosophies and client portfolios, Accel's site ( includes hypertext links to the Web sites of companies it's invested in.

"Many entrepreneurs surf the Internet, so we thought it'd be a great source of new investment," said Don Gooding, research partner with Accel. "Typically we do about 15 investment projects a year, but we expect to do an additional two investments a year as a result of this."

Windham Hill's Web server-its first stint on the Internet-is a little more high-tech, offering 30-second sound clips in addition to reviews, photographs of artists, sheet music, song books and album covers. Customers who access the area at eventually will be able to purchase albums and song books online; for now, Windham Hill is using an 800-number.

Services offered by UUNET include security devices for commercial transactions, consulting and training, interface software options and feedback on how often computer users access a client's Internet site.

UUNET's system also can support credit card transactions; the company expects to offer digital cash options in the future.

UUNET charges clients set-up fees of $4,000 to $15,000, depending on graphic sophistication. Monthly maintenance charges vary from $200 to $2,000, depending upon usage and update frequency.

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