The wisdom of Geoffrey Frost

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"The days of naive clients are coming to an end." Advertising Age interview Oct. 05

"The creative energy has shifted to the smart clients." Told to Advertising Age's Rance Crain at February 2005 Madison & Vine Conference.

"Great communications are the most pervasive product you can make, no matter how big your volumes or your market share. More people see our ads, or hear our speeches, or read our PR than could buy every device we make. I think the real trick is to see each as the other ... look at your products as your most powerful communications, and look at your communications as your most pervasive product, and design them both to be amazing." Point, November 2005

"Cool isn't an end in itself. When you fall in love with your own cool factor, you fail." Advertising Age, October 2005

"Disrupt yourself, before somebody else disrupts you." Told to Rick Boyko

"I never wanted to feel like I knew something." Remembered by Numair Faraz, a student Mr. Frost mentored.

"How can they continue to ask for more and more for fewer and fewer faces? ... I don't believe that is sustainable. I believe there will be disruption. There's already disruption." From Advertising Age's "Chaos Scenario" by Bob Garfield.

From Mr. Frost's keynote at the 2005 Madison & Vine conference:

"We need to recognize there's another person in our marital bed-technology. Let's rename our union Madison and Vine and [Silicon] Valley."

"Mobility is great, but 'content' is what people will pay for."

"Great ads were great stories and terrific little movies then. Think about Apple's 1984, Levi's Pharmacist, Bartles & Jaymes, Pepsi-the Hal Rineys, Steve Haydens, John Hegartys and Phil Dusenberrys-and they didn't write TV shows or movies."

"A brand's communication and interaction with consumers needs to be a continuous stream-and the traditional 30-second model for reaching consumers is like a boulder in the stream. Brands need to take control of this and recognize that technology is giving us radical new ways to reach consumers. We need to work together to jointly develop these."

"The closing message is that the future is beyond hopeful and exciting. It doesn't have to be 'Minority Report' or 'Blade Runner,' and you ... are responsible for making it great! It's about advertising, media companies, TV networks, the record industry, film studios, creatives from everywhere, and let's not forget agents, taking responsibility and making sure the experience is uniquely great and loved by the audience that has invited us in."

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