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Texas is where "men are men and women are mayors," satirist Molly Ivins wrote in a 1990 piece for McCall's about women mayors in the state's biggest cities.

But women, Texan or otherwise, don't have to be Madam Mayors to make a difference.

Women, says Kathryn Cornett, president of McCormick Advertising, Amarillo, Texas, carry inherent "socialization" pluses: "We don't fight like men. Women can lob bombs and a man won't know it."

Consensus-building management style feeds a woman's strengths: "We're good at saying, `You do the potatoes, and I'll do the dressing and together we'll put on Thanksgiving dinner."'

Disadvantages? Women need more mobility, must drop the "gossip and tears," and keep business business: "I can't say, `let's take a ski trip, you and me and the guys."'

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