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When publisher Lisa Quiroz envisions the readership of People En Espanol, it's really a portrait of herself-and her mother-that she sees.

The publication, which was launched as a quarterly in 1996 and goes monthly this month, mostly targets Hispanic women.

Born on Staten Island, Ms. Quiroz, 37, was raised in a Spanish-speaking household headed by a Mexican father and Puerto Rican mother.

She joined Time fresh out of Harvard Business School in 1990 and spent four years in its direct mail department before she developed the idea for Time for Kids, a magazine that now boasts two editions and circulation of 1.7 million.


The move to publisher of People En Espanol in fall 1996 seemed a logical choice for Ms. Quiroz, who had quickly become the de facto Hispanic expert for Time Inc. executives. Once named publisher, Ms. Quiroz saw this as her chance to make a difference for the Hispanic community, she says.

Her biggest professional challenge is bringing credibility and value to Hispanic publishing. For many marketers, Hispanic advertising isn't new. But they still spend much of their budgets on TV. Her second goal is to convince those who do not advertise to Hispanics to begin doing so.

"So we have spent a lot of time and effort demonstrating to people that this is a terrific alternative and it should be part of their marketing mix," she says.


As she considers her plans as publisher, which include expansion of the People En Espanol brand to TV, books and international markets, Ms. Quiroz never loses sight of her roots. She recently held a focus group with Hispanic women in Los Angeles. When she completed her talk on People En Espanol, the women stood up and applauded.

"Every time I go to these focus groups, I think of my mother," she says. "There's a grander purpose for what we're doing."

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